ProRockGear® – H.I.P. Tool™ Insert Setter And Alignment Tool


ProRockGear® – H.I.P. Tool™ Insert Setter And Alignment Tool

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Comes with the H.I.P.TOOL™ handy insert puller tool and the ALIGNMENT TOOL. This innovative toolset provides removal of new or used string clamping saddle inserts for O.E.M. Floyd Rose® double-locking tremolo bridges and many versions of Floyd Rose® licensed double-locking tremolo bridges.

The ALIGNMENT TOOL also works great for removing difficult heavy gauge cut or broken string ends when restringing the guitar. The original patented H.I.P.Tool™ toolset makes the job effortless for removing string lock inserts on Floyd Rose® Tremolos and Floyd Rose Licensed tremolo bridges.


Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery. This product is ordered from our U.S distributor. We will be in contact if anything changes.

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